Why do I need Vanaia account?

Your free Vanaia account allows you to convert documents, send fax and have an oversight of the previous transactions. You can use your Vanaia account in any and all Vanaia apps (ScanWritr, ScanWritr Pro, CatchUP, Fax Out).

How do I send fax?

It is simple – you create your free Vanaia account, purchase fax tokens and choose fax as a share option in ScanWritr, or use Fax Out for Windows 10. More details about faxing at: http://productivity-blog.vanaia.com/scanwritr-send-fax/

How much does faxing cost?

As a general rule, faxing one page requires 1 token (applies for faxing to USA, Canada, Mexico, most of EU, South-Eastern Asia, parts of South America and Africa). The cost of faxing to other countries and territories is between 2 and 5 tokens/page.

Why does my ScanWritr say I don’t have enough tokens to send fax even though I clearly do?

Please make sure you enter the fax number in the international format (with “1” in front for USA). If the number is correct, please see the answer above.

Can I receive fax with any of your apps?

No – our apps currently only offers outbound faxing service.

How do I sign documents?

We discuss this topic at: http://productivity-blog.vanaia.com/scanwritr-sign-documents/.

How do I fill out forms?

Like this: http://productivity-blog.vanaia.com/how-to-fill-out-forms/.

How do I make multipage scans?

Simple – just click on the multipage scan button while in the shooting mode. More information: http://productivity-blog.vanaia.com/quick-multipage-scan/.

What is the difference between ScanWritr and ScanWritr Pro?

ScanWritr is a free app with ads, 5-page per export limit and a watermark on the exported images. In order to remove the ads and limitations one can make an in-app purchase of “Connectivity Pack S” (removes ads and limitations for e-mail) or “Connectivity Pack L” (removes all limitations).
ScanWritr Pro is a premium app with no limitations whatsoever. It is functionally the same as a free version upgraded with “Connectivity Pack L”, but with a prettier icon.

Why didn’t my ScanWritr turn into ScanWritr Pro after I bought “Connectivity Pack L”?

Again: because those are two different apps that just happen to be functionally the same.

Can my scanned documents get automatically deleted without me knowing it?

ScanWritr, Fax Out and CatchUP DO NOT delete any of your saved documents. That being said, some other apps might do just that. If you are using the apps like Clean Master, please make sure you do not include the apps on the list of apps that need to be cleaned.